Terms and conditions

1. All and any business undertaken by the ‘Human life consultancy’ (hereafter known as ‘The Agency’) is transacted subject to these conditions each of which have been incorporated or implied in any agreement between the Agency and the candidate (hereafter known as ‘The Applicant’). No variations of these terms and conditions shall be binding unless expressly confirmed by the Agency in writing.

2. Fees to the Agency are payable by the Applicant upon the acceptance of the offer by the employer, (not the date of commencement) and are solely in consideration of the introductory services between employers and Applicants. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any losses, costs, claims, damages or liabilities to the Applicant and/or the children of any Applicant or the Applicant’s property or to the Applicant arising from the introduction or engagement of Applicants through the Agency.

3. In case where the Applicant has been engaged on a temporary basis and the employment continues for a period longer than that for which the fee has been calculated, or on a permanent basis, the Agency must be notified immediately and the appropriate additional fee will be charged and will be payable as per normal terms of business.

4. All reasonable and due is taken care by the Agency to screen Applicants but no guarantees what so ever are given by the Agency with respect to the Applicant’s suitability or otherwise, save that the Agency will always qualifications of the Applicant and a minimum of two references to satisfy itself that the Applicant is suitable, although the Agency cannot be responsible for the bonafides or accuracy of the said references. The Agency shall facilitate the Applicants in securing a job within the validity period of i.e., six calendar months from the date of enrollment for a fresher or if the Applicant has a break in career/education, or if he/she has low academic scores (below 60%) or if the Applicants shifting work profile, and three calendar months from the date of enrollment for an Applicant having relevant work experience of minimum 1 year or more.

4.1 Once the introductory fee has been paid after duly accepting the terms and conditions the application form i.e. form #1 should be duly filled along with the signed agreement copy should be submitted to the company via email (scanned document)/post/hard copy at office.

Note A: Every field in form #1 should be filled mandatorily this will help us to understand your profile better.

Note B: The date on which updated profile along with the duly filled application form submitted by the applicant to the agency will be considered as the start date of the validity (not the date of introductory fees paid). If this is not followed agency will not be held responsible for the delay in processes.

5. The engagement or use of the services directly or indirectly or referral by the company of any Applicant whether permanent or temporary introduced to the employer by the Agency within one year of that introduction shall be deemed acceptance of an agreement to these terms and conditions by the applicant.

6. Services/Processing: - Services are defined as all activities included in processing a candidates profile. These are limited to; -Contacting Human Resource personnel of various organizations both IT and Non IT on behalf of candidates. -Sending resumes of the candidates to the Human Resource personnel/Departments of various IT and Non IT organizations for processing. -Contacting Human Resource personnel of relevant organizations on behalf of candidates & sending them job alerts related to their profiles- -Scheduling interviews for the candidates with prospective employers and coordinating the same with the candidates. It is specifically understood that Human life consultancy. has no control over the process and timing of the interview of the candidate by prospective employers. - Related activities of Human life consultancy include collection of requirements from prospective employers to match the candidate’s profile. - Candidates after registration shall write us on updates@humanlifeconsultancy.com to follow up on their respective profile status. - Dedicated phone lines are provided for updates, hence candidates are requested to call from Monday-Friday during working hours i.e., 10:30AM to 6PM on the following numbers +91-9510102266 for updates.

7. Fees and Charges:

7.1 An introductory fees in accordance with the schedule of fees shall be payable to the Agency by the Applicant, and the Agency fee is payable if;

7.2 The Applicant engages or uses the services directly or indirectly, whether permanent or temporary, introduced to the company/employer by the Agency within one year of that introduction.

7.3 The client refers for employment any Applicant whether permanent or temporary introduced to the company/ employer by the Agency to any person firm or corporation (‘third party’) resulting in an engagement for use of the services directly or indirectly of the Applicant by the third party within one year of the introduction of the Applicant to the Employers/Companies by the Agency.

8. The Agency will not provide a replacement where the Applicant had been treated unreasonably by the company/employer, given the circumstances of the job they are being retained to do or where the company/employer requires the Applicant to do duties that were not agreed at interview or are contained in any contract between the employer/company and Applicant.

9. The appropriate introductory fees as per the schedule of fees shall be paid by the Applicant to the Agency.

10. Interest will be chargeable on all outstanding payments at the rate of 8% from the due date to till the date of actual settlement.

11. Refunds:

11.1 The introductory fees shall be refunded between 20th to 30th of every calendar month upon the expiry of the validity period i.e., six calendar months from the date of registration to the Applicant who is a ‘fresher’ and three calendar months from the date of registration to the applicant who is ‘experienced’ in the following circumstances;

- If the Agency is unsuccessful in providing a service to the Applicant or - If the Applicant is successful in securing a job elsewhere on his/her own efforts within the validity period. Then the Applicant should produce the supportive documents provided by his employer to the Agency.

11.2 The amount to be refunded shall be determined subject to the process of effort estimation as per the company guidelines. To complete the process of effort Estimation Company may require few documents, which candidates shall submit & co-operate with the respective department. Therefore, the agency will take a minimum period of sixty days from date of application for refund to arrive at a decision. The Agency reserves its discretion in the matter of calculating the amount to be refunded after following the procedures as per Agency norms and policies. It is further clarified that the parameter in determining the amount to be refunded is the effort of Applicant, it is not a matter of right. The decision in this regard, made by the Agency shall be final and binding on the Applicant.

11.3 For the purpose of Audit, Account and record all the refunds if any, shall be made by the way of cash deposit/ Online transfer into the bank account of the Applicant as per details furnished in the refund form prescribed by the Agency.

11.4 Any claims for refund of the introductory or Agency fee shall be made in writing after duly filling the necessary form (FORM #2) prescribed for this purpose by the Agency immediately within 15 working days after the expiry of the validity period. If no claim is made within the stipulated time as stated earlier, it shall be deemed that the Applicant has willfully given up his claim for refund and the Agency shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the Applicant due to his own inaction thereafter.

12. The Agency does not employee the Applicants. The Employer (third party) is the employer of the Applicant. The role of the Agency is only as a facilitator.